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This Project Will Save Crypto As You Watch Adult Content

This Project Will Save Crypto As You Watch Adult Content

PornVisory founder Veronica Noschese said in a statement that there is a natural synergy between the cryptocurrency and the pornography industry that desperately needs anonymous financial systems.

For example, Noschese pointed out that PayPal banned Pornhub from its system in 2019, and the porn giant’s decision to support Verge’s cryptocurrency in 2018. In January 2020, PornHub began accepting Tether’s USDT stabilcoin as a payment option. Noschese gives the following statements at this point:

“There are many issues with privacy and reputation in the porn industry. For example, even the biggest name in the industry, Pornhub, has found its account blocked by PayPal. Also, you may not want to pay your Premium account to watch porn with the bank account you shared with your wife. “

Platform’s Inspiration

Noschese said the company platform was inspired by Basic Attention Token (BAT). Brave Browser users, a privacy-focused web browser with an integrated adblocker, receive BAT tokens to enable special ads. Similarly, users viewing the content of PornVisory display ads and receive PVY tokens.

“The Brave is inspired by the browser, but we decided to do something related to the porn industry,” Noschese said. The concept is simple: users will be paid to watch porn videos and interact with the Porn Counseling platform in general. ”

So far, PornVisory is just an Italian adult industry news broadcast and will soon add an English news section, a third-party porn video website and a live streaming platform.

Will not be the first coin offer

According to Noschese, PornVisory has no plans to make its first crypto offer. But instead it will make some tokens airdrop as a marketing application. The project has been financed by the founder’s own funds so far, but Nochese plans to seek funds from angel investors when the platform gains attention.

Noschese has announced that he has long been working as a marketing expert in the adult entertainment industry , which allowed him to develop advantageous links that can be used for future partnerships. It plans to use these links to allow PVY owners to spend their tokens in adult shops where they can sell or tip artists on streaming platforms.

The project’s blockchain aspect, Swiss-based firm Deepit CEO Mauro Baeli said in a statement that his firm believes the ideas behind PornVisory have great potential: “We believe that PornVisory will be successful if they can sharpen the focus in a particular segment of their industry. The use of blockchain tools will definitely take them a step further. 

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