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The world's most popular online forum, Reddit's cryptocurrency project has been steaming with over 10,000 Ethereum-based wallets since its launch.

Reddit Doping to Ethereum World: 10,000 Exceeded!

Reddit Doping to Ethereum World: 10,000 Exceeded!


According to Etherscan, the number of users of Reddit’s newly launched crypto wallet has already exceeded 10,000. According to the latest data, Fortnite fans are responsible for the lion’s share of these addresses. This marks the first milestone for the Ethereum -based “community points” project. Earlier this month, Reddit, a website with 450 million active users, was part of Reddit’s new venture called “MOONS and BRICKS” as part of Reddit’s new initiative “Community Points”, respectively, in the / r / Cryptocurrency and / r / FortniteBR subreddit. He stated that he would be given to the members. Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies released by Reddit, the world’s most popular online forum, will be able to use Reddit members to vote, transfer money, and donate to creators. The tokens, called “MOONS and BRICKS”, are ERC-20 tokens designed to be used by more than two million members of the respective communities on the Ethereum platform to purchase exclusive items or earn reputation points.

GAS price quadrupled in just one month! How does Reddit’s project affect this?

As of now, Reddit is relying on  Ethereum’s Rinkeby test network, which means that the above mentioned tokens do not carry any value. The popular discussion platform is planned to do Mainnet after summer. Some Ethereum users are concerned about GAS charges due to the flow of new Reddit users after the alleged home network launch.

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As previously reported by cryptocoin, the price of GAS expressing the cost of an Ether transfer has quadrupled in just one month. In addition to volatile price movements, the network has become very cramped due to the Ponzi scheme, which suspiciously holds a high amount of PAX stablecoin. 

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