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Is Bitcoin (BTC) mining still lucrative?

Pooling.com he shared up-to-date analyses of equipment used in Bitcoin (BTC) mining in a table.

There are many factors affecting profitability in Bitcoin mining. Taking these differences into account, Pooling shared a visual with different equipment to give us information about the forecast snow situation.

Since electricity costs vary regionally, you have to calculate the most serious costs of electricity in the long run by considering your own region. This table only gives you an idea of the efficiency ratios of the equipment used.

The critical factor for all mining operations is the “head to head” factor. This means the value of the crypto unit that must be produced for the cost of the mining system you will build. For example, in a system that you set up with a cost of $ 1,767, if you are making a profit of $ 4.56 per day, in general terms, your system needs to work actively for 387 days to make a profit. Of course, as we mentioned before, the electric factor can decrease or increase this number.

Bitcoin Mining Is Still Profitable But You Need Some Skills
Significant increases have occurred in mining ponds, especially in recent years. What is most striking about this is that such operations are using it months before the most advanced mining equipment starts to be bought by independent consumers. Many critics, for example, had previously stated that Bitmain used cutting-edge equipment only for their own farms and released older version devices.

The essence of crypto mining is not to lose sight of the details. Each variable has a direct effect on your productivity in the final result. So in addition to calculating your equipment costs and electricity costs correctly, you should choose your mining platform correctly. With the proper planning and the know-how before setting up the system, you can make serious profits from bitcoin mining.

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