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Hackers Use Supercomputers For Mining

Hackers Use Supercomputers For Mining

Hackers have attacked many supercomputers across Europe this week for cryptocurrency mining. According to a ZDNet news report dated May 16, supercomputer clusters had to be shut down to find the cause of the attacks. The high-performance computers center in Spain was finally affected by the attacks that started in England, Germany and Switzerland.

University campuses main victims

When the attack is examined, the places to attack are first selected from universities. The first attack was carried out on Monday, the Edinburgh computer’s ARCHER supercomputer.

Later, the supercomputers of major universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany were subjected to attacks similar to the attack on Monday, and the computers had to be shut down by university administrations.

During the week, Leibnniz Information Processing Center in Germany, Spain and Switzerland, Bayvera Academy of Sciences, Julich Research Center, Ludwig-Maximillians University Physics Faculty and Swiss Center Scientific Computing Department were among the victims. The attacks, which were examined by a US-based cyber security company, are the first to be detected, thanks to remote administration protocol (SSH) entries that allow users to control and organize their servers over the internet. Hackers are mining for different cryptocurrencies, especially Monero (XMR), after accessing supercomputers.

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