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Founder of Reddit: “We are Entering a New Crypto Money Spring”

Founder of Reddit: “We are Entering a New Crypto Money Spring”

The price of the leading cryptocurrency has increased 90% since March 16, when widespread US school closings and home orders began.The crypto community enthusiastically welcomed the Bitcoin Halving event , which halves the Bitcoin mining award every four years, on May 11.In addition, great emphasis is placed on projects such as Facebook led Libra, which is a member of the technology investment companies as well as Coinbase and other major crypto companies.

Crypto Spring

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and the first investor of Coinbase, states that all these developments indicate a new spring of crypto money.  

“I am trying not to follow the prices, I cannot predict any of them,” Ohanian told Yahoo Finance on Friday. I can say that currently top engineers, product developers, designers are working hard to create real solutions on the blockchain. My view is that there is really a crypto spring. This is the most interesting part for me… We see that the highest level talents are really built on the infrastructure. ”

Giants Flow into the Crypto Space

“We’re approaching $ 10,000,” Ohanian says, although he says he’s not following the price closely. So, does the price increase of Bitcoin prove its worth as a safe haven investment during the epidemic ? That’s how Billionaire hedge fund pioneer Paul Tudor Jones thinks. In a note to customers this month, Jones stressed that he is investing in Bitcoin as a risk to inflation.

“I am sure this horse will be bitcoin,” Jones wrote, “The best profit maximization strategy is to have the fastest horse.”

Ohanian also said, “I have a percentage of my cryptocurrency presence for a while and I still feel pretty good about it, I don’t want to change it too much. Because I think this is a prudent safe haven. It is interesting to see that the giants of Wall Street are now entering crypto and getting bitcoin. We see the people on the ground to stay in the cryptocurrency field. ”

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