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The use of blockchain technology in the health sector has emerged with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Develops a “Health Passport” Against IOTA Corona Virus

Develops a “Health Passport” Against IOTA Corona Virus

The use of blockchain technology in the health sector has emerged with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the recently ended Global Legal Hackathon, the Germany-based IOTA Foundation and the US-based law firm Dentons; He developed a digital health passport based on distributed notebook technology (DLT) called Selv.According to sources, Selv is an open source, free, accessible to everyone, secure and passport in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. In essence, Selv offers a decentralized alternative to the vast majority of central practices in the field of global health management.

The announcement is as follows: “Quarantines slowed the spread of COVID-19, but caused major economic effects. Major employees continue to provide basic services that pose a risk to them and others. Cross-border trade has come to a halt. Governments need a solution for individuals to verify their health on a mass scale. Selv will help governments restart their economies. ”According to this official announcement, Selv will encrypt and store all personal data on the user’s device. The app is also planned to be audited by external security consultants.

In terms of scalability and interoperability, Selv complies with W3C requirements on decentralized identities. The application can also be easily integrated into countries’ existing COVID-19 tool sets.The application provides user safety and hygiene because it eliminates the need for a paper-based health management system that can carry potential infections. Selv provides a contactless method to collect and display credentials.

IOTA continues to develop

Currently, Selv consists of a mobile application and a website on both Android and iOS platforms. The demo allows users to securely store their health information and share their health status with authorities, employers or relatives.In order to continue development and support for Selv, the IOTA Foundation is currently in talks to receive a grant worth about $ 547,000. The fund is required for free launch at the official launch of the app. The funds will also be used to improve application performance.

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