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Popular Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff once again directed the arrows of criticism to Bitcoin by taking the last rally that Bitcoin has walked to $ 9,600.

“Chain of Happiness”: Gold Fan Schiff Uploaded to Bitcoin

“Chain of Happiness”: Gold Fan Schiff Uploaded to Bitcoin

Peter Schiff responded to a tweet by cryptocurrency exchange Gemini’s Co-Founder and CEO Tyler Winklevoss.This was a response to FUD by Bitcoin’s Goldman Sachs recommendation not to invest in BTC and cryptocurrencies. actually.

Peter Schiff also claimed that Bitcoin is a chain of happiness where dummies like Tyler Winklevoss and whales end, constantly pumping its price to survive. The first conversation between the two is as follows.

A Wry Response From Tyler Winklevoss To Peter Schiff

In response to Peter Schiff, Tyler Winklevoss responded mockingly, stating that as long as individuals like Schiff were around, his stupidity would not be exhausted.

There are also common aspects

However, both Peter Schiff and Tyler Winklevoss believe in two assets with value stores: Gold and Bitcoin (BTC), respectively .

Both have criticized the Fed’s constant US dollar bass to prevent the economic effects of Coronavirus. For example, Peter Schiff suggested investors to stock Gold and Silver with the following statement due to the Fed’s unlimited money-making capacity .

Jerome Powell said there is no limit to how much the Fed’s balance sheet can grow and that the Fed can inflate its money supply forever without worrying about inflation resulting in rising consumer prices. Get gold and silver now.

Tyler Winklevoss also advised investors to be wary of global central banks’ habit of printing money. Winklevoss, who recently criticized the Bank of England considering negative interest rates, pointed out that such a move would make saving “under the pillow” more attractive than a bank, and that Bitcoin is the best protection against such activities.

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