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Traditionally, at the beginning of May, Fairspin shares the game statistics of the previous month. Fairspin TPLAY, which is a game of chance, performs all transactions on tokens.

Blockchain Based Game Company Distributed 75,000 Ethereum Awards To Users

Blockchain Based Game Company Distributed 75,000 Ethereum Awards To Users

Top Winners of April at Fairspin

The Bitcoin Chance games platform, which has been on the market since 2018, has created a club from loyal players with VIP status. So far, the sum of earnings on Fairspin is 75,000 ETH or almost $ 15 million.

The VIP club offers larger deposit bonuses, cash deposits and personalized gifts. Among the Fairspin VIP players, the three lucky winners who made the biggest win by April were recorded as follows:

1st place Winner: Won 110.7 ETH ($ 23,018).

2nd place winner: 110.1 ETH ($ 22,894) won awards.

3rd place winner: 62.5 ETH ($ 12,996) awarded.

The biggest wins won at once in April:

On April 28, 22 ETH ($ 4577) awards were won.

On April 5, 20.9 ETH ($ 4343) was won.

On April 6, 19.8 ETH ($ 4118) was won.

The biggest gain in the one-time payment category is for a player who won and attracted 2.5 BTC ($ 22,000) in a single day in March.

On the Fairspin website, all game transactions are stored in a smart contract on TPLAY tokens. In this way, it is possible to know the exact winning rate of each game (RTP – Return to Player) and to choose the most generous games. The biggest winnings in April were reported in the following games:

$ 28 665 in the Solar Temple game was won.

Jungle Delight 10 $ 022 prize won.

Hip Hop Panda won $ 5425 prize.

The biggest single wins were also in the games listed above. On April 5, one of the Fairspin players earned $ 4898 in Jungle Delight in just 28 minutes. On April 16, another player made a $ 100 bet in Solar Temple and made $ 20,120.

The biggest single gain of May in Fairspin was on May 6th. A player deposited into Bitcoin, received a 200% bonus and won 0.38 BTC (16 ETH or $ 3472) as the grand prize.

Player activity in quarantine time

The Fairspin team analyzed changes in players’ behavior before and after quarantine. The team chose two months, February and April, to get the most accurate data.

According to Google Analytics data, the average session duration increased by 20 seconds from 00: 02:17 in February to 00: 02:37 in April. The number of active users increased by 57% during the day.

Entries from tablet devices increased from 1.61% to 3.03%, entries from mobile devices increased from 52.56% in February to 61.76% in April. The share of the male audience increased by 7%, and the share of players aged 18-44 increased by 11%.

Fairspin accepts crypto payments and fiat money payments. The highest coins by Ethereum and Cardano deposits. Ethereum and Bitcoin are leaders in total deposits.

Special offers in Fairspin!

The blockchain-focused gambling platform continues to change the bonus program and gives free followers on social media, launching tournaments with a prize pool of € 30,000 to € 50,000 from Booongo and Playson.

Every week, players are recommended to earn a 20-40% deposit bonus. New players can enjoy up to 200% standard bonus program. Users usually get a 5% to 25% refund. Recently, Fairspin has deposited 1% cash in all users for all deposits made in April. Followers of Fairspin’s social accounts can participate in lottery draws to receive free bonuses or deposit codes with special bonuses.

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