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The first Bitcoins that were excavated and not moved long ago moved today. A total of 50 BTC issued in February 2009 was transferred from one unknown wallet to another today.

Bitcoins Acted After 11 Years Trigger Sales Wave

Bitcoins Acted After 11 Years Trigger Sales Wave

The news was reported on Twitter by experienced Bitcoin industry watcher WhalePanda (@WhalePanda). WhalePanda, who wrote that such an event “does not happen frequently”, emphasized that the address is not related to the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, and that the address has nothing to do with Satoshi. Looking at the bitcoin blockchain, you can see the movement of the moving coil and what its age is.

It can be immediately understood that the owner of Bitcoin, which was released in an unknown early period, was clearly one of the first miners of the network. The wallet has only three transactions: The first one is made from the coin base called Bitcoin coinbase – of course, you shouldn’t confuse this name with the exchange of the same name – the transaction is dated February 9, 2009.

The wallet had this single early block reward. The second and third transactions took place on Wednesday at 14:48 (GMT). One was about 40 BTC and the other was about 10 BTC.As mentioned, the owners of any of these wallets remain a mystery for now. However, analyst I am Nomad (@IamNomad) believes that the smaller transaction is done on exchanges.

The only thing known for sure about the miner is that it was among the first miners. Because the cryptocurrencies that you have are just a month after the Bitcoin network started broadcasting.WhalePanda and others reject the idea that cryptocurrencies are linked to Satoshi Nakamoto. Because they state that there is no situation where a speculation material will be made. It is clear that these theories are not based on anything other than speculation, even though the theories have emerged.

Considering that miners found Bitcoin blocks in the early period and that there wasn’t much power required in terms of hash power, the mining cost of these 50 BTC probably corresponded to less than a few cents. In those days, Bitcoin mining did not need powerful computer systems built today.The first miners run the code on a laptop, and then they created the worthless digital currency with no clue of its future value. Today, the value of these 50 BTC is more than $ 482,000.

If the above theory is correct and it sent 9.99 to cash on the exchanges, this early Bitcoin miner looks like a miner who made a good gain as a result of the bull run. As a result of the transactions, it is seen that more than $ 96,000 profit has been made and 40 BTCs are available.

Bitcoin Market Scared Instantly

Apparently, Bitcoin investors are less convinced that the first coins have nothing to do with Satoshi.If cryptocurrencies belonged to the creator of Bitcoin, the fact that they suddenly sold might be a concern for BTC traders. Nakamoto, which has issued more than 1 million BTC, definitely has the resources to collapse the market.

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