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An XRP fraud that introduces itself as Ripple (XRP) raises concern in the cryptocurrency community.

Attention to Ripple Investors: All Your XRPs Can Be Reset!

Attention to Ripple Investors: All Your XRPs Can Be Reset!

The altcoin asset, often called Ripple, is among the worst performing crypto assets with a two-year downtrend. Even Ripple ‘s annual Swell conference did not raise prices. After a two-year bear market, the entity entered a downtrend again with the collapse of Black Thursday 2020. XRP investors and the community themselves are increasingly disappointed with this situation.

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To finance their operations, Ripple executives periodically sell their cryptocurrencies. Crypto traders wanted these sales to stop, and Ripple pledged to slow sales to improve the asset. However, Ripple sold XRP periodically to meet the company’s activities. XRP is one of the most disliked cryptocurrencies on the market due to its unfair distribution and is often labeled as a scam project by the toughest crypto advocates.

New Ripple scam can completely empty your XRP wallet

The crypto community on Twitter shared some screenshots showing that a new crypto money deception has appeared. Scammers use Ripple, the company behind XRP and perogen as usual. Email sent by fraudsters proposes an ” economic recovery for the XRP community”. In the email, scammers claim that investors have distributed more than 2 billion tokens when they send a portion of the XRP they have to an address that they claim is owned by Ripple.

Scam may seem obvious to some, but traders who have been suffering from low prices in altcoin for two years may fall into the trap of fraudsters. Also, according to experts, this latest XRP fraud seems believable to reset your cryptocurrencies, unlike most fraud cases filled with typographical errors and unrealistic looking offers. The email comes with the Ripple logo, an XRP address, and instructions on how to do this. However, following the instructions will cause your cryptocurrencies to disappear completely. So be wary of fake emails circulating in the crypto market.

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